Tips to make you Canton Fair trip successful.


To make your Canton Fair trip as successful as possible you need to follow some, very simple, tips.

1. Money
Know what your currency is worth, compared to the Chinese Yuan. Make also sure that you bring enough cash with you, as it is sometimes difficult to find an international ATM.

2. Food
The Chinese cuisine in your country is probably completely different with what you used to eat. Be aware of what you eat, especially in the streets. So tip 2 is, eat only in restaurants, in famous fast food chains or in the restaurant in your hotel. It would be a waste of time if you get food poison. Your time at the Canton Fair is limited, so if you waste a day or more it would be a big disappointment.

3. Hotel
You need to know that during the Canton Fair the prices for hotels are higher than normal. But it is always better to spend your money on a good hotel. The standards for a low budget hotel in China are different than you used to. It is also better to receive a potential business relationship in a higher star hotel because it is the first expression that counts.

4. Chinese culture
The Chinese culture is different than yours, be aware of that. Especially when you go to visit a factory or something like that. So before you leave make sure you know their do’s and don’ts.

5. Language
Not many people in China can speak or read English, neither do the taxi drivers. So be always sure to have the address of your hotel written in Chinese on you, believe me, this can save you a lot of stress.

6. Google.
The Chinese government banned Google out their country. That means you are not able to use Google, Google maps, Facebook and so on. Make sure you find an alternative for them. Or you can use, like a lot of hotels, VPN’s, they let you stream via another country.

This are only 6 simple tips to make your trip worth full and successful. But there are a lot of other tips, make sure you read as much of possible of them before you leave. And never forget that you are a guest in another country, behave yourself like that.

Worthy visit of a foodie in China


The popular saying that Guangzhou is the best place in China for foodreportedly dates back 2,000 years ago. Cantonese cuisine, one of the Eight Culinary traditional chinese cuisine, is characterized by the great diversity of ingredients used, elaborate preparation, strong emphasis on texture, aroma and taste, a mild flavor, adaptability to seasonal changes, freshness, and rich nutrients.

Famous local snacks, Dim Sum and other dishes are everywhere title to the property or a notarized copy of the property purchase contract and the evidence of financial sources. Foreign nationals who are receiving medical assistance or services in China should submit a certificate of hospitalization for at least six months issued by a medical institution above the county level or above Grade A of Class II, or a certificate of medical services received.

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China, the second largest luxury market in the world


In 2010, China became the second largest luxury goods market in the world, with an estimated market size of US$13 billion. Between 2008 and 2011, the luxury market grew at 14 percent, with over 60 percent of purchases generated by new luxury customers. The growth of China’s luxury industry is expected to remain strong, and by 2015, China is expected to account for roughly 20 percent of global sales. The majority of luxury goods sales in China are divided in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces, which are highly developed markets for luxury goods, and account for 65 percent of total luxury sales in China. However, these developed markets are highly saturated and competition is fierce as most global Top Five Sectors of Solid Waste.

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